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We’re glad you are here. Yorkie puppies are beautiful little puppies that so sweet and caring and definitely spunky. Our puppies are beautiful and oh so loveable. Please read below to see if a Yorkie puppy is right for you and if so please click on the link below to see our current Yorkie Puppies available.

yorkshire terrier informationWhy a Yorkshire Terrier Puppy May be Right for You.

If you are looking for a dog but don’t have a lot of space, then a Yorkshire Terrier (or Yorkie for short) might be right for you. Below is some Yorkshire Terrier information you might find helpful in making a decision. A Yorkshire Terrier for sale in Californiamight be just what you are looking for.General Appearance: Yorkshire terrier puppies are born mostly black with tan points around the mouth, eyes, down the legs, in the ears, and under the tail. These colors will change as the puppy ages, revealing an adult coat around three to four years of age that is the typical steel gray/blue and tan. The puppy’s fur is a little coarser than the full adult coat and not as long, making maintenance easy while they are young. They are adorable balls of fluff that are the perfect size for a lap dog. Some Yorkies will have a docked tail and others will not. Either way, a Yorkshire Terrier for sale in California can be found that fit your preference.Build: Yorkies are petite dogs, with most adult weighing between 5 and 7 pounds. The average weight for a 3 month old Yorkie is 3 to 4 pounds. They should have pointy, erect ears, a small flat head, a level back, and a compact body overall. Average height is around a foot and a half tall. Teacup varieties are always smaller than the standard size Yorkie, weighing as little as a pound and standing barely a foot tall.Temperament: Yorkies can be described as very independent, active dogs who desire lots of attention, and can be quite protective of it’s family. Barking is a common trait that these dogs will exhibit, but with proper, firm training, the barking can be limited to being useful during guard duty. Puppies are especially full of energy; their small size allows them to get by without needing a yard to play in…a good game of indoor fetch will help burn off that energy. They can be nervous of children but will bond fiercely with their family and are extremely loyal. Due to it’s terrier lineage, they have some natural hunting instinct and amazing intelligence for problem solving.

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Diet: Yorkshire terrier puppies should be feed three times a day with a food appropriate for a small breed puppy. Read the labels carefully to make sure the food you purchase is a quality food (not full of grains and fillers). Keep treats to a minimum and remember that a small treat to you might be a meal to the puppy. Rawhide should not be allowed to be chewed to the point that they will fit in the puppy’s mouth and be accidentally swallowed.

Miscellaneous: Yorkshire puppies are wonderful travel companions that fit easily in a vehicle. If properly trained, they will feel quite secure in a carrier and can be taken anywhere that pets are allowed. Off-color and solid-color Yorkies exist and are no less adoptable, but because they do not match the breed standard, they may not be show-quality. They adapt quickly to new surroundings.

This Yorkshire Terrier information covers the basics of the breed. If you are interested in adopting a puppy, then you’ve found the right place.

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