The Truth About Yelp & Picketers

It is our very accurate opinion that yelp is a bias company that thrives on bad news. We have consulted with many advertising agencies as well reputation management companies all will agree that Yelp is not fair, very unbalanced, and that’s the way they like it!

In the past we have asked several customer after owning their puppies for many months to write a reviews on Yelp to help offset the negative “Political Statements” of animal rights activists and a handful of irate customers which every business in every industry has.

The positive customer’s comments were NOT posted due to the fact that they were new to Yelp with having little to no history of yelping. Which is understandable as they are  trying to filter out fake positive reviews.

But here is the unfairness and bias of Yelp San Diego Puppy. If a review is negative (mostly 1 star comments) the negative comment will appear regardless of your yelping history. Can you see why this is unfair and in our opinion unethical?


Please Find Below An Irate Customers Recent Yelp San Diego Puppy comment:

We posted this comment due to the fact that yelp has limited space for replies –

<Yelper>Puppy lovers, please do your research…. David sells puppies that are neither completely healthy nor full breed as you are told.

<SDP> Wrong all of our puppies are vet checked twice and 99.9% of time completely healthy. Puppies are living organisms and like people they can get sick from time to time. The most common illnesses are Giardia, Coccidia, and Cough which we proactively medicate all of our puppies with Flagyl, Ponazaril, and Clavomox. These issues are few and far between because of our proactive measures to ensure the perfect health of our puppies. If a puppy is determined to have any of these issues even though these are puppy maintenance issues we cover the medication cost which generally is about 20 bucks for a simple 5-7 day treatment.

<SDP> If a puppy is adopted from a shelter guess what this can and does happen to any of those puppies as well. Shelters also proactively medicate with Flagyl, Ponazaril, and Clavomox. We are very professional at we do and consult with several veterinarian to make sure we get it right. We are puppy lovers and animal welfare advocates and although this is a business we have a heart. We do not deal with heartless people or puppy mills.

<Yelper>No papers are given, and you don’t really know where your puppy comes from.

<SDP>Wrong – In the 5 years we’ve been in business we’ve dealt with several different breeders some that did and did not offer registration. However within the past 6 months we have decided to completely change the way we do business here at San Diego Puppy. We no longer will acquire puppies from hobby breeders (as was in this case) and are now strictly working with USDA regulated commercial breeders. What does this mean to you? This means that every puppy purchased will have the following:

1 AKC or AKC Partners Registration

2. Pedigree  – Showing the family tree and breeder info

3. Microchipped – Every puppy will be microchipped

4. Electronic registration of both the Dog Registration and the Microchip under the customer’s name before leaving the store.

5. Amber Alert Enrollment- A program that issues an Amber Alert within a 20 mile radius of owners home that is received by veterinarian offices,  the humane society, and animal control within the 20 mile radius

6. DVD training tutorial – teaching how both potty training and behavioral dog training. This also includes an online training course though

<Yelper>We made the mistake of purchasing a puppy here before doing real research; turns out he has moved stores and if you read the yelp reviews of his old store (out of his home) all the stories are the same as ours. We bought a” full breed “English bulldog. He is actually part American bulldog/Staffordshire terrier and looks completely different (DNA test to prove). We are so lucky that he turned out being healthy so far at 6 months. But not everyone is so lucky. Just look at the pictures. Anyone that knows dogs can see all the mix breeds in the photos. As well as how skinny and unhealthy the puppies look.

<SDP>We take full responsibility for the mixed breed. It’s unfortunate that this breeder lied to us and misrepresented the breed and thus making us look bad. In situations like this which will never happen again we cut off the breeder and NEVER do business with them again. DNA tests are not accurate please see here:

Our puppies are not skinny and unhealthy they are high quality puppies. Take a look at our website and you be the judge:

<Yelper> Picketers are outside constantly protesting, as well as he was on NBC news for story line of smuggling puppies into SD from Mexico.

<SDP>Picketers do protest our store THEY PROTEST EVERY PET STORE NOT JUST SAN DIEGO PUPPY. Several pet stores have gone out of business due to the fact that the economy is struggling NOT because these fanatical picketers affect business to the point of having to close down.  The comment about smuggling dogs from Mexico is outlandish and a pathetic way to defame San Diego Puppy.

Several news stations have come out per the picketers request during their protests. This has been a feeble attempt slow down adoptions that has backfired on them. We have proven ourselves as an upright business and have gotten great exposure that has caused a boom in our business.

Many walk in customers have stated that they would have not seen our store if it wasn’t for the picketing outside. So we’d like to say thank you to Janice and her team of fanaticals.

<Yelper>He sets you up with a awful vet, that I believe is in on his scam as well, and just tells people the dogs are fine.

<SDP>We consult with several vets not just one – We have a vet in North Park and in La Mesa we are working with another Vet in Clairmont. You can come in and ask the names of these vets. We will not disclose them here on Yelp because Picketers are getting so desperate that they bully and harass our vets by picketing in front of their offices as well. Like we said FANATICALS – most people know this which is why our business has continued to be successful and continues to prosper and GROW!

<Yelper> I know the puppies look cute, just trying to warn people. Registered breeders or adoption is the way to go.

<SDP>We agree with this comment all of our breeders are professional USDA registered breeders and not puppy mills.

<Yelper>Do not support SD puppy. David, owner of San Diego puppy, lies and gives you false information to further verify his lie on where his puppies come from. We requested information on our “English bulldog” puppy’s parents and were given a contact number to call. Upon calling the number a woman answered and had no idea what I was talking about. I re-verified the number with David and he said he calls all that number all the time.

<SDP>Yes we started as a home based business just like DELL, Nordstrom, Wholefoods Market, Apple, Coors, Matel, Wrigley, just to name a few. We’ll let the THOUSANDS OF CUSTOMERS and they’re referrals of friends and families be the judge of how “bad” this yelper says we are. THOUSANDS of happy satisfied customers and a few handful of negative yelp reports. We’ll let you do the math.

<Yelper>Every vet I’ve gone to there is an owner that purchased their dog from San Diego Puppy and their dog is sick a week after bringing them home. David insists you give him positive remarks on his different advertising websites when you are in his store because he knows the second you walk out the door you will have nothing positive to say.

<SDP>Ridiculous!  Every vet that this yelper has gone to has been sick a week after bring them home? How many vets has this yelper visited? This is an outlandish remark and completely absurd.

<Yelper> His dogs are kept in a back room not visible to the public which I found very odd. I requested to go see the dogs and was given several excuses why I couldn’t. Is he hiding something? I feel ashamed and disgusted for purchasing a dog from? him. I’m embarrassed when people ask where I got him. Do not purchase a puppy from San Diego Puppy

<SDP>Yes we have a back office that is in an adjacent building from our main location. HERE IS THE OBVIOUS REASON – We have a 1200 sqft location at 5827 Mission Gorge we don’t have enough space to hold a Pet Store and a Dog Wash in the same place. We will not be inhumane and cram puppies in this small space. So we rented the adjacent building with air conditioning and the puppies are in large playpens for comfort and exercise.

We are the ones that are embarrassed about the unfortunate issue with your puppy. We sincerely apologize and would love to offer a puppy at cost with proper registration and pedigree.

On a side note – We have asked the Humane Society, Animal Control, and AKC to routinely check in on our facility? Every time they’ve come out we have passed with flying colors! No citations no misdemeanors. This is why the fanatical animal rights activists have had NO SUCCESS and will NEVER BE SUCCESFFUL at trying to close us down. The San Diego Police department has stated “they are just trying to annoy you.” Yes they are annoying but we appreciate they’re free publicity. Every time they come out we have a boost in adoptions. Thank you Janice!

Picketers & Their Antics

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Personal Attacks on the owner (Legal Case pending for defamation of character)

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