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Why Choose San Diego Puppy

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Where Do We Get Our Puppies

Our puppies are from USDA certified breeders that are responsible. For pictures of our breeders homes please click on the navigation link above.  We are adamantly against puppy mills! Our puppies are healthy, playful, and filled with love to give. Each puppy is offered with our unprecedented 10 year Gold Lifetime Health Guarantee.For more information on our health guarantee please click the health guarantee above.

We Do This Professionally and With Integrity!

At San Diego Puppy we love what we do and it shows. Our commitment is not only the health and well being of our puppies but also to our valued customers. Each puppy is offered with love and outstanding customer support and offered with an unprecedented 10 year guarantee.  Here’s what you get with your puppy…

Your puppy is up to date on vaccinations, dewormed, microchipped, vet checked, customers receive two free additional vet wellness exams,  and offered with up to a 10 year guarantee. Each puppy is AKC or AKC partners registered, pedigreed, DNA certified, and in breeds where hype dysplasia is common most sire and dames are tested by the Orthopedic Foundations of Animals for hype issues.

You Receive The AKC Bundle Puppy Resource Package

Your AKC or AKC partners registration and puppy’s microchip are activated electronically in the store. Customers receive a DVD course for pet training, online pet training, a puppy handbook, and over the phone pet training from a certified pet trainer. Each customer receives a starter kit complete with all natural food, vitamin, probiotic, and unlimited over the phone support here at San Diego Puppy.

Our promise to you is that we will work harder to establish long lasting relationships with many small responsible breeders – even though it costs us more time and is less profitable. The satisfaction of delivering  healthy puppies to our customers is a reward in itself. Thanks for visiting San Diego Puppy and our exclusive breeder network.  Please visit our homepage for a current listing of puppies available.

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