Things to Consider when Getting a New Puppy

Getting a pet dog is a rewarding choice for many people. However, just because one sees a “puppies for sale San Diego” sign does not mean that purchasing a puppy right then and there is a good thing. There are some things to consider when getting a new puppy and below are some of them.

  • A person who wants to buy a new dog must first identify if he or she is ready to take on this responsibility. Taking care of a dog can get expensive and it also takes great commitment. Dogs require a lot of attention and space in a person’s home. Also, grooming and training is something to think about before getting a canine friend.
  • A person who is about to get a new dog must also decide what breed of dog he or she wants. Dogs can be anything from hounds, to working dogs, to gundogs, to terriers, to utility dogs, to pastoral dogs to toy dogs.
  • Characteristics also matter in a dog when the potential owner wants to have a happy relationship with his pet, consider the following characteristics:

–          Energetic and lively or couch-potatoes

–          Strong-willed and ambitious or easy-going and indulgent

–          Friendly with humans or reserved with strangers

–          Playful or disinterested in toys

–          Friendly to other dogs or disinterested or incompatible

–          Friendly to cats and other pets or disinterested or incompatible

–          Affectionate or aloof