Thank You San Diego

We’d like to thank the city of San Diego for allowing San Diego Puppy, Inc to grow and offer a wonderful service to the community. We have been in business for over 5 years with absolutely no citations from Animal Control or the Humane Society. 

San Diego Puppy over the years has paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in state tax revenues, employment taxes, property taxes and is a viable part of the community. Over our 5 year tenure we offered dozens of jobs to our community that essentially are now taken away.

Unfortunately it seems that politics got involved and it’s sad to see that the city council was heavily influenced by animal rights extremist that I’m sure had harassed, badgered, and straight out annoyed the living daylights out of them as they did the same to us. They are very well organized and with the Human Society funneling most of their efforts maybe the council thought there could be some legitimacy to their outlandish complaints that 99% of commercial breeders are substandard puppy mills.

We proved our case and we proved our breeders showing pictures and videos of our breeders but the council looked the other way. We invited them or their administrative assistants at our expense to visit our distributor and breeders to see first hand the type of breeders we work with. The council had over 3 months to visit them and yet they decided not to or were supposedly too busy. If they were truly unbiased or looking out for the best interest of the animals why would they not try to preserve pure bred puppies.

On several occasions we tried to meet with the council and were either given their secretary or were stood up (thank you Ms Emerald). If they truly were an unbiased council why was the working committee (the people responsible for creating the ban) a part of the decision making process which included councilors Lori Zapf, David Alverez, Mark Kersey, Marti Emerald (who had a vote on the ordinance today) and the animal rights extremist groups ADT, CAPS, and HSUS. Why were not breeders, pet stores, or pet registry associations part of this unfair working group? This is truly disturbing and unjust.

Free enterprise is our right as Americans. To live the American dream and the right to pursue happiness is another. The city council members are civil servants on the peoples payroll. Passing this ban is a blatant abuse of power. The animal rights extremist are not the majority but they are the loudest and they have used the ballot box and their political influence to sway them. Being fair and drawing a line for fairness to all is what a leader does. The council members are not leaders they are sadly weak politicians and administrators.

To our San Diego citizens and our loyal customers, friends, and family we are happy to report that we will fight this tooth and nail. This ordinance is against the constitution and other inter-state laws and regulations. We promise that  not for our best interest but for the greater good of Americans to fight this growing epidemic of self-righteous ideologists that feel banning breeding is what should be forced upon you and your children.

San Diego City Councilors it is still not too late to stop this unjust ordinance – don’t do it!


>Email From Supporter<

Dear City Council,
I just read a news article on about the amendment you “unanimously” voted to pass today to ban the sale of puppies, cats, and rabbits in pet stores. I mean really?  Can we have that many morons on our city council?  That’s right, I said it, you are morons! Do you guys not have anything better to do then come up with laws that control our lives even more then you already do?
Our family is a huge animal loving family, we have 4 cats, 3 dogs, a bird, and a snake.  All of our animals were rescued.   One of our dogs was actually rescued after being hit by a car and losing his rear leg.  We understand the sensitive nature of animal abuse, but violating the rights of people to choose what types of animals they want to purchase is NOT the solution. 
You say you are concerned with the way animals are treated in so-called puppy mills?  Have any of you ever been to an animal shelter?  The conditions there are not so great either.  They also dispose of animals when they are not adopted.  I have actually volunteered at animal shelters and was given the task of incinerating the animals after they are put down. It is a sad sight.
Your decision to pass this amendment puts us one step closer to communist Russia and you can count on losing my vote during our next election.
Dear staffer,
If you are reading this because your boss is too lazy to read their own emails, please make sure they get this.

Warm Regards,

Jason G.