Shipping A Puppy

Shipping A Puppy

Oh the joy that one has when getting a puppy delivered! San Diego Puppy is happy to announce that we are now shipping puppies to anywhere in the United States. The process is simple. Simply pick the puppy you’d like and we’ll ship it to you. Here are a few common questions:

How much is shipping?
Shipping usually costs approximately $275 for the airline ticket, airline approved kennel, and veterinarian check with health clearance certificate. Airline ticket fees may vary due to rising fuel cost. In general the cost of shipping should not exceed $275.

What is the shipping process?
The puppy is taken to the airport in a comfortable airline approved kennel with plenty of water and food for the trip. The puppy then is handed over to airlines specialists who will with the utmost of care handle and board the puppy on the airplane. The paperwork is done and a waybill (tracking number) is given.
Once the waybill number issued we will call you and give you that number along with the scheduled time of arrival of the puppy to your nearest airport. With that information at hand you can pick up your puppy from the airline’s baggage claim area when it arrives.

Please keep in mind that in the airline business delays do happen, but rest assured your puppy will be in a climate controlled comfortable environment.

Can I have the puppy delivered to my front door?
Yes you may. For an additional fee of $50 dollars we can arrange a same day delivery company to send a courier to the airport to pick up your puppy and hand deliver it to your front door. Additionally the cost of a courier is usually about $3.50 -$4.00 a mile which we will also be billed to you.

Can I pick up the puppy myself?

Absolutely you can. Simply give us a heads up when you’re on the way and we will gladly get the puppy ready for you.

Do you ship worldwide?
In the near future we may; however at this time we are not. We apologize for the any inconvenience.

How do I pay for the puppy and shipping costs?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amercian Express, Discover.We also accept bank check or bank transfer with no transaction fees. We do not accept Western Union or personal check.

Well there you have it the shipping process in a nutshell. We take care of everything for you and make sure that shipping a puppy goes off without a hitch. Please call us at 619-677-5716 for any questions or concerns. Thank you for choosing San Diego Puppy.