Shih Tzu Behavior, Traits and Training

Shih Tzu traits are characterized by long, sleek, flowing double coats atop a sturdy build.

  • They are considered to be very intelligent dogs with friendly, happy attitudes.
  • Their coats can be trimmed short for summer or kept long.
  • They shed only very minimal amounts of hair despite its length.
  • They have short noses, very large eyes and a small tail.
  • They typically grow to between 9 and 12 inches high with a weight of about ten to sixteen pounds.

Training a Shih Tzu’ Puppy

Shih Tzu’s are very easy to train because Shih Tzu behavior is very pack oriented. They respond to their owners with complete love and devotion and will happily follow any command as long as they understand it.

They can be taught very simple commands such as sit and stay with relative ease, graduating to more complex commands in a fairly short period of time.

A very small Shih Tzu may find it difficult to keep up with its owners while out on walks and grow tired quickly but it is important to properly leash train a Shih Tzu because they are so small and they can be easily lost in a crowd of people.

When training your Shih Tzu puppy, it is wise to start with small commands and gradually working your way up to more complex.

Shih Tzu’s love to play and can easily taught to fetch a small ball or small stick.

The average Shih Tzu will live to be about ten to fourteen years. You will have many years of joy with your Shih Tzu especially if it has been trained properly.

A well-trained dog is a happy dog because it is not always being told “No!” by its owner. A dog that always feels as if its owner is angry at it will become very neurotic in very short order. This can lead to destructive behavior and a perpetuation of “No!”

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