Schnauzer For Sale

Schnauzer For Sale

Welcome To San Diego Puppy’s Miniature Schnauzer Page! We’re glad you’re here. We love Schnauzer puppies and what’s not to love about them!  They are so sweet, playful, great with kids, hypoallergenic, don’t shed, and oh so cute! Please scroll down to see the current list of Schnauzer puppies available.

The Miniature Schnauzer is a smart, happy, affectionate, loving dog. They are energetic, fun loving and get along well with the entire family and they like to be with you. They are very affectionate, devoted and gentle. Like most dogs the Schnauzer will need good leadership and they will get along with other dogs just fine. Be sure to socialize your puppy well. They make excellent companions and family mascots. The Schnauzer may not listen if they feel that they are stronger minded than family members. The owner needs to be calm cool confident, but firm, showing proper authority. They are not yapppy, but rather bark with a low tone of voice. This excellent breed makes a good watchdog and loves to chase vermin. They are also good at traveling. Some can be a bit reserved with strangers, if the puppy is not well socialized. Make sure to socialize your miniature schnauzer well, show good leadership, and be the pack leader that you Mini Schnauzer needs for you to be. Schnauzers come in three different sizes Miniature Schnauzer, Standard Schnauzer, and Giant Schnauzer.

Height, Weight of Miniature Schnauzer
Height: 12-14 inches
Weight: 10-15 pounds

Current Schnauzer Puppies Available

Schnauzer For Sale 1.18.12


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