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Request Any Puppy with San Diego Puppy

We can find your perfect puppy within a week!

San Diego Puppy is dedicated to find the absolute perfect puppy for you and your family. Due to the growing demand for diverse puppy breeds that are not readily available – we are now offering our Puppy Search Service.

What is the Puppy Search Service?
Puppy Search is simply finding the exact breed and characteristics that you’d like your puppy to be. For example let’s say you’re looking for a Saint Bernard? We can get it for you. A Doberman Pitcher we can get those too. How about a Grey Hound, or a Mudihai Ridgeback, or a Tibetan Mastiff – yeah we got those as well?

Maybe possibly you’d like a more common puppy but you’d like it to have certain qualities such as short hair or long hair. Maybe you’d like your puppy to have different colored eyes. Whatever your preference – our dog breeder network will get you the puppy you’d like fast.

How Fast Can I Get My Puppy?
You’ll get your puppy almost as fast as a grey hound runs a quarter mile. We can usually can get your puppy within a week. That’s right within a weeks’ time you’ll have the puppy delivered to you.

Is There A Health Guarantee With My New Puppy?
Yes absolutely there is. Every puppy is offered with up to a 10 year health guarantee. Optional pet insurance is also available.

Are The Puppies Registered or Micro Chipped?
Yes and Yes. All the puppies are registered and most have already been micro chipped for you. All the details will be fully disclosed to you before you purchase and there is absolutely no commitment to buy until you are fully satisfied and we have answered all your questions.

Where Do The Puppies Come From?
The puppies come from reputable breeders most USDA certified. They do not come from puppy mills.

How much does puppy search cost?
The cost for puppy search is FREE. We just want to make sure we find the right puppy and make you happy.

How do I get started?
1. We’ve made it  simply click on the link below find the puppy of your dreams.

2. Click on the contact us button next to your desired puppy.

3. Once we receive you’re request we will call or email you with the price of your puppy. FREE IN STORE PICKUP and your puppy arrives on Tuesday.

**Please Note: Special Order Page is updated Sunday evening. There may be no puppies posted towards the end of Friday and Saturday. A $50 dollar deposit (applied to final purchase price) is required to order the puppy and FREE IN STORE PICKUP.