Puppy Training

Welcome to San Diego Puppy’s How To Train A Dog

We’re glad you’re here and we look forward to helping your new puppy the essentials. A well trained puppy is a happy puppy and a happy owner!

Topics covered in these courses include but not limited to:

How to leash train a puppy

Puppy crate training at night

When to train a puppy

What crate training or kennel training puppies is all about and

How to crate train or kennel training

How to stop puppy biting

How to control puppy barking and much more

Listed below you will find training programs that have been time tested and proven to work! We know that every puppy and owner are different – choose the right program that fits both your needs and lifestyle below. What are you waiting for get started today!

Courses Available

Painless and Positive Puppy Training – Click Here!

Puppy Housetraining – The Ultimate Guide – Click Here!

Train Any Dog or Puppy in Under Three Hours – Click Here!