Mini Toy Yorkie-Poo

Yorkie-Poo puppies offered by San Diego Puppy

This little girl is Maggie. her unique designer breed of Yorkie and Poodle makes her not only fun to be around, but also very smart. This Yorkie-Poo puppy is incredibly alert and loves to listen to people. If you need a companion to make your life more joyful, Maggie is your girl. She will make sure to never leave your side, she will listen to your troubles when you are having a rough day and turn that frown upside down. If you would like to meet Maggie and give her a home for her to live happily ever after, please give us a call to (619) 582-8377 and one of our friendly customer service representatives can schedule an appointment for you to come play with Maggie. Just like Maggie, all of our puppies at San Diego Puppy are vet checked, micro-chipped, dewormed, and offered with up tp a 10 year health guarantee.

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