Maltipoo Puppy For Sale

Looking for Maltipoo Puppy or training one?
San Diego Puppy has many Maltipoo puppy for sale and has information on training a Maltipoo puppy as well. Read on…

What is a Maltipoo Puppy?

A Maltipoo is a new hybrid breed of dog bred from a combination of a Maltese and a Poodle. They are rapidly becoming one of the most popular breeds chosen by new puppy owners from all over North America.

maltipoo puppy male photoA Maltipoo puppy is very cute and cuddly. They have short, white hair and short legs. Because they are hybrids of a Maltese and a Poodle, they are extremely easy to train and have a very pleasant disposition.

  • They are usually extremely easy to please their owners and, consequently, they are highly receptive to training.
  • They love receiving attention and, in turn, shower their owners with attention.

Why Buy a Maltipoo Puppy?

Most people who purchase a Maltipoo want the very best behaved dog they can have so doing some training is an important part of ownership.

You want your dog to have good puppy manners so that it is well-received when you are out in public. A well-trained dog is a well-behaved dog.

When you are searching for Maltipoo puppy breeders, ask the breeder if they have ever bred any champions. Champion full-bred dogs are usually very good dams and sires and will give birth to dogs that are very receptive to training.

Teacup maltipoo puppy breeders are few and far between so you will probably have to search very diligently to find one in your area. Be careful when choosing a breeder. Ensure that they are members of the American Dog Breeders Association or the American Kennel Club.

When looking for Maltipoo puppy for sale, you want to find a registered breeder and not a puppy mill. You may search for cheap maltese puppies; however, it is always better to find a qualified Maltipoo puppy breeder.

Training a Maltipoo Puppy?

Training a maltipoo puppy is done in the same way you would train any kind of puppy. You start small with a bag full of treats to use as a reward when the puppy executes the behavior you wish to encourage. It is important that you never lose your temper when training your puppy because that will only serve to reinforce negative behavior. You want your puppy to associate his or her training exercises with fun.

You will find that training a maltipoo puppy is easier than you think. It just takes time, patience and repetition. If you wish to teach your puppy to “sit” on command say, “Sit!” and hold the treat above its head. The dog will naturally look up at your hand and will automatically sit when doing so. When it does, give him the treat and say, “Good sit!” and give him a pat on the head.

If you wish to adopt a maltipoo puppy, remember that dog training is all about repetition. Make sure that you practice the set of behaviors you are trying to teach your dog on a daily basis.

Keep your training sessions short at the when you first start. A puppy’s attention span, like a child’s, is short. When your puppy becomes bored with the activity, stop it at once and leave the puppy alone.

If your puppy does something other than what you want it to do, say, “Oops” and give it a correction. So, if you have told it to stay and it gets up, say, “Oops” and push its rear back down to a sitting position and say, “Stay” again. This way it will come to associate the word “Stay” with being in a sitting position and not getting up.