I Want a Pug Puppy

If your child has recently come to you saying, “I want a pug puppy!” you are probably trying to figure out where to begin.

What do you need to know about pugs before you can make a decision to buy one for your child?

  • Pugs are a very small breed of dog.
  • They have very wrinkly, short muzzled faces and curled tails.
  • Their coats are very glossy and they come in different colors on their compact, square bodies.
  • They are very well-developed little dogs.

Pugs originate from China and may be the forebears of the modern day Pekinese and King Charles spaniel. Though they came originally from China, they gained popularity in the Western Europe and Great Britain.

Most pugs are strong willed and determined little dogs but they are only very rarely aggressive. They do very well in families with small children. Most pugs adore small children and are sturdy enough to play with them. They make very good watchdogs because they are highly attentive to their surrounding.

If you are looking for a pug puppy for sale you would be best off seeking out pug puppy breeders rather than going to a pet store.

Although you might find a pug puppy at a pet store, it will most likely have been bred in a puppy mill, something you will want to avoid.

People who are contemplating purchasing a pug puppy always wonder where to buy a pug puppy. It is always best to purchasing any kind of puppy from a registered and accredited breeder because you know you will be receiving a healthy, well socialized dog.

The next question will always be, “What Pug puppy price will I be charged by the breeder? A purebred Pug puppy from a breeder will generally cost between $750 to $1,000. The price can be even higher, though if the puppy was bred from a bitch or a sire who was a champion.

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When you get your brand new pug puppy home, the question becomes how to train your pug puppy. Training a pug puppy is achieved in the same way that you would train any kind of new puppy entering your home.

You use a lot of tender loving care, a lot of patience and a lot of repetition.

Like puppies of any breed, pug puppies are extremely anxious to please their owners and will diligently attend to their obedience training lessons with great devotion.

The single most important piece of advice one can follow when attempting to train any kind of puppy is to be as consistent as possible, never express any anger toward the puppy if it does not follow your command and repeat the lessons over and over again in twenty minute sessions as often as possible.

Be sure to always have a stash of treats with which to reward your puppy when it executes a command you are trying to teach and make sure that you always praise it verbally and effusively with “Good boy!! Said in very cheerful and encouraging voice, this can be the single greatest expression you give your puppy to reinforce its behavior.