How to Train a Maltese Puppy

When you first bring your new Maltese puppy home from the Maltese puppy breeder, your first thought will be how to train it to behave properly. You will be concerned with wanting to house train it so that it will not urinate or defecate in your house.

Maltese Puppy Training

It is best to start small when engaging in Maltese puppy training for the first time.  You want to accustom your dog to listening to your commands before you can expect him to follow them completely.

The “Sit” Command: All Maltese puppies are very eager to please their owners which is part of what makes them such a joy to own. They are very responsive to their owners and learn quickly how to obey simple commands. You will probably want to start with something simple such as “sit”. This is a command that every dog should know how to execute. Knowing this command will keep your dog safe especially if you teach him to sit every time you stop walking. If your dog sits every time you approach an intersection, it will keep him from running out into traffic.

The “Stay” Command: Once he has mastered “sit” you can proceed to “stay”. This is another important command for your dog to understand and be able to follow.

Always have a small bag of treats with you whenever you are attempting to do any obedience training. This will help your dog associate the activity with something that is fun and he will even look forward to it.

You will find that a toy Maltese puppy is no different in terms of ease of training. They are no different when it comes to training than any other kind of dog. Almost all dogs respond to obedience training in the same positive way if their owners present the activity as something that is fun and provides rewards for commands that are properly executed.

The key to being able to properly train your dog is to be consistent and to go through the exercises on a regular basis. Always be sure to reward your dog immediately when he does something you have asked him to do. Give a treat and give him praise. This is how he will associate his behavior with the reward.

It is very important that you control your temper when doing dog obedience training. You do not want your dog to become afraid of the process or he will be very reluctant to engage in further training exercises with you.

Always try to remember that you are working with what is essentially a baby and that your job is to each, not to simply try to impose your will. No dog will perform well if it is afraid of you.

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You will want to ensure that your Teacup Maltese puppy learns all the tricks you want to so be sure you always use its name whenever you give it a command. This will help you to make sure that your dog is actually paying attention to you. There are many different Maltese puppy names available. It really does not matter what name you chose for your puppy as long as you make sure that your puppy actually recognizes his name when you say it. Not all dogs recognize their names as easily as other dogs.