Giving Puppy Treats

After responding to a “Puppies for Sale San Diego” sign, new pet owners have a lot more to figure out with regards to their new furry friend. Among this is giving puppy treats. These doggy biscuits or pieces of kibble can act as positive reinforcement for training puppies to be well-behaved. Treats are also great rewards for good behavior in puppies.

When giving treats, pet owners must first remember that they must be used to reinforce positive behavior and a calm and submissive state in dogs; never use treats to reward an overly excited dog.

If the puppy is jumping around after picking up the scent of the treat, pet owners must show their disapproval of this behavior through body language. After the pup has calmed down, it will lower its butt to the floor. In this calm and submissive state, it is now all right o give the puppy its treat.

Additionally, always remember to give treats in between meals and not immediately before or after the pup’s main meal.

Moreover, be careful when choosing doggy treat ingredients. If you can’t pronounce the items listed on the package, chances are they are not good for the new puppy. Figure out which flavor/s  appeal to the puppy.

Finally, always consult a veterinarian before purchasing dog treats. They know which treats are best for doggies of all types.