Giving Milk to Puppies

Yorkie, Poodle, Chihuahua and other breeds of puppies need milk to get nutrition from. However, pet owners should not give cow’s milk to young dogs because they are usually lactose intolerant. Puppies typically experience diarrhea and stomach cramps because of the high lactose content of this dairy product (up to eleven grams per serving). Moreover, cow’s milk has an inadequate fat to protein ratio compared to dog’s milk, making it less beneficial for growing pups.

Instead of whole milk, pet owners should use puppy milk replacers especially for puppies less than six months of age or for those that have not been weaned yet. Pet stores and even vet offices can provide easy to prepare powdered puppy formulas as well as canned and ready to use ones but these can get pricey. Pet owners can also prepare a homemade replacer with evaporated milk, 1 raw egg yolk, sterile water, Karo syrup, and whole fat yogurt. Whole goat milk can be used to replace the evaporated milk and water.

The amount to be given to puppies depends on their breed and size but generally, 1 cc per ounce weight is given every three hours. Younger puppies need to be fed more frequently.