English Bulldog Puppies For Sale

We have AKC English Bulldog puppies available right now. To see more pictures of our English Bulldog puppies for sale simply click on our Facebook link or call us at 619-581-8377 for an appointment. Thanks!

About English Bulldog

Size: The English Bulldog has a shoulder height of about twelve to fourteen inches and will grow to weigh anywhere between forty eight and fifty five lbs.  They have a short, wide mouth, under bite, and a wide and oh so adorable droopy face. English Bulldogs have stocky short legs and tails, thick chest and a thick muscular body.

Coat: Their fur is  short, soft, and shinny and come in a variety of colors such as beige, mottled, brindle, or white.

Character: The English Bulldog is very loveable and gives lots of affection, is cool and confident, noble, intelligent, peaceful, and fearless. He is well know for his/her loyalty; its pleasant demeanor – which is definitely not the first impression you would have in seeing them. English Bulldogs are happy to be with you and like most dogs get board and stubborn if ignored. English Bulldogs are active for their weight and bone structure,  and playful, but not to crazy.

Temperament: English Bulldogs are great with other pets. They are really good with kids, well behaved, adapt to any situation, good buddies, with lots of affection to give, and have a nice personality. Some English Bulldogs are cautious with people they don’t know, but most are friendly to most everyone. They do drool and definitely snore. I think it adds to their charm don’t you think?

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