Doggie Rewards Referral Program

Welcome to our Doggie Rewards Referral program.

It’s really quite simple and a great way to earn cool fun cash really quickly.
Get Paid For Your Referrals!

If you have purchased a puppy from us and are super happy with it then maybe your friends or family members want one too?


Maybe you are not sure if you want a puppy, but you know of someone who does. Why not get paid for your referral?

Simply have your referral print this page and fill in the information below.

When they bring the form and buy a puppy we will give you $20 cash. It’s as simple as that.

You can come pick up your cash or we can mail it to you.

So what are you waiting for?
Download and Print This Page or Email this referral program link to your referral and start making money.

Person Who Referred Me

Their Full Name: ________________________________

Their Phone Number: ________________________________

My Contact Information

My Full Name: ________________________________

My Phone Number: ________________________________

**Commissions can not be paid back in the form of a discount. Commissions are made payable after 5 business days.