Crate Training Puppies

After funding the perfect puppy to buy, pet owners must learn how to crate train their dogs. This is an important step in house-training a poodle, a maltipoo, or any other dog. Crates allow dogs to have a secure and quiet place to stay when travelling or when they are left alone at home.

For those who are worried about crate training, it is worth noting that dogs are den animals meaning spaces like crates act as a place for them to sleep in, hide from danger, and even raise a family.

Here are a few things to remember when training puppies for a crate:

  • It must be used properly or a dog can feel trapped or frustrated.
  • It shouldn’t be used as a punishment.
  • Never leave a dog inside a crate for too long.
  • Dogs are not going to soil their dens so never leave young pups inside for longer than three hours since they have weaker bladder control.

Crate training requires patience on the part of the dog owner. Dogs need to be accustomed to using their crates and that requires time and some work. The best way to approach this is to associate pleasant things like toys, treats, and even meals with the crate. In time, a dog will learn to stay in it when needed.