So let’s get this straight, the solution to ending the issue of “puppy mills” is to CLOSE DOWN EVERY PET STORE IN AMERICA?!  Isn’t that what the Humane Society and every “for profit” animal extremist CAPS, ADT and other groups want? YES that’s exactly what they want and this is so wrong in many different ways.

This is not a moral or ethical issue but a freedom issue. This is not a San Diego issue but a right to be an American issue. Since when has it been ok for a very liberal government to decide for the people what the people should be allowed to purchase? We are not selling marijuana here – we are selling healthy, quality, registered with pedigree, guaranteed puppies.

Our industry is HIGHLY regulated starting with extremely regulated breeders and distributors and just like in any industry there are good and bad apples. To punish responsible ethical breeders with a ban on pet stores throughout the country is absolutely outrageous. Should we ban doctors for bad doctors? Should we ban lawyers for bad lawyers? Should we ban pet stores and legitimate breeders for bad pet stores and breeders? The answer is an oblivious and resounding NO!

The argument: Banning pet stores will eliminate bad breeders

The rebuttal: The ban against pet store will not decrease or eliminate “bad apple” breeder but in actuality do the opposite. By shutting down good legitimate pet stores that work with highly regulated legitimate breeders will only force good breeders out of business and the already bad breeders that sell through the black market ie. online pet sales, swap-meets, Craigslist, backyard breeders/brokers will continue to flourish causing even more of a problem.

The argument: Our local animal shelters are being overrun and overpopulated by abandoned pets.  Pet stores are adding to the euthanasia rate of shelter animals. “Every puppy bred is a sheltered dog dead”…

The rebuttal: Hardly! Did you know that only 4% of dogs in an animal shelter originated from pet stores? Did you know that 70% of that 4% could have been avoided with proper training? This is why responsible pet stores like San Diego Puppy educate its customers.

The argument: The Humane Society claims 99% of all puppies sold in pet stores are from puppy mills and that no responsible breeder would ever sell to a pet store. “A puppy mill is a commercial breeder period.”

The rebuttal: So the “puppy mill” term is used very liberally by the Humane Society. If you yourself have ever had a litter of puppies and wanted to sell your puppies to a pet store you guessed it you’re a puppy mill and an irresponsible breeder. Here’s our stance if you find a puppy mill (a breeder that is not regulated and does not care for his breeding dogs) shut them down. Don’t punish the ethical, legitimate, regulated breeders that help to preserve and further the breed.

The argument: Look at these videos and pictures of puppy mills – the evidence is overwhelming

The rebuttal: Does a home built in the 1980’s look the same as a home built in 2013? Chances are its newer construction with up to date building codes and regulations right? The same can be said about kennels. The common tactic of the Humane Society and other “for profit” animal extremist is to blast out pictures and videos over the internet of several decade old kennels especially the horrific ones from the 1980’s. Does anyone question those pictures and videos?

On May 1st at the San Diego Committee meeting the CAPS “for profit” organization performed the same tactic showing a video clip of an overcrowded breeder – the date at the bottom of the video 2004.  How manipulative and cynical don’t you think?

The argument: Since pet store puppies come from “puppy mills” they are all unhealthy, improperly bred, and or will have all sorts of hereditary defects as the puppy get older. The sick puppy will only lead to heart break and vet bills that the customer will have to pay.

The rebuttal: FACT – Pet store puppies are the most vet checked puppies available. They are vet checked with the breeder, they are vet checked at the distributor when they arrive, they are vet checked as they leave the distributor, they are vet checked as they arrive to the pet store, they are vet checked every two weeks as long as they remain in the store and San Diego Puppy offers its customers two additional free vet checks. So the minimum amount of vet checks a pet store puppy receives is a total of 6 vet checks which practically eliminates the risk of a customer purchasing a puppy with a severe health issues.  Additionally every puppy is properly vaccinated and dewormed.

In regard to vet bills California pet stores comply with the Puppy Lemon Law which states that the pet store is responsible to pay up to 150% of the purchase price of the puppy in vet bills. San Diego Puppy has a relationship with 3 veterinarians in San Diego in which any issue, test, medicine, or medical procedure is covered with no out of pocket expense to the customer. If the customer opts to go to their own vet we will reimburse 150% of any and all vet bills.

In summary we say LET THE PEOPLE DECIDE NOT THE BIAS POLITICIANS. If the majority of San Diego disagrees with having a legitimate well run pet store that offers quality puppies from legitimate regulated breeders let them not shop but go adopt. HOWEVER truth be told San Diego Puppy continues to flourish and grow because of its dedication to the community and the repeat and referral customers walking into our doors day after day. Thank you for being a savvy San Diegan and let your city council members know you disagree with the ban on pet stores visit  for more information. God bless

David Salinas

President CEO

San Diego Puppy, Inc