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Don’t let the “animal rights” extremist fool you. They will claim that every puppy at a pet store comes from a “puppy mill” and the sire and dame of each puppy is in complete misery. The truth of the matter is simply this WE DON’T DEAL WITH HEARTLESS PEOPLE OR PUPPY MILLS! Please take a look at a few pictures we have taken of our breeder’s facilities. Our breeders are ethical, responsible, and USDA certified. Our breeder’s kennels are inspected by the following organizations: USDA, AKC, Animal Control, and other local state and private organizations

Here’s our stance – If you find a puppy mill – SHUT THEM DOWN – But please don’t bash on our responsible breeders that provide well bred, healthy, and absolutely loved puppies. San Diego Puppy has a heart and it shows!

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