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The Basset Hound for sale is a stocky, heavier set dog. The size of their heads is large and in proportion with a round skull. The snout is long and weighty as well. They’re big droopy eyes are sad looking and irresistible. They’re skin is droopy, loose like elastic and falls over the head. They have long ears and almost touch the ground. They have short shinny coats and come in a variety of colors but usually black white, red, tan and or sand-colored. They can grow anywhere between 45-60 lbs.

The Basset Hound is a kind, noble, and devoted to their family. They are very well behaved and adapt to any family quite easily. They are always friendly, not aggressive, moody or feisty. They are even tempered but not timid and can be a bit stubborn sometimes, but all in all the Basset Hound is a wonderful companion to any family. For our newest Basset Hound puppies please click below.

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