Basic Needs of Your New Puppy

After answering that “puppies for sale” sign, there are many other things that a new pet owner must do for his or her new dog. This includes getting supplies for one’s new furry friend like basic supplies.

Essentially, a new pet needs the following:

  • Weighted and non-slip food and water dish.
  • Well made and strong leash fitted for the dog.
  • Proper food. Ask the veterinarian regarding the dietary needs of a new puppy to get this right. This ensures that the dog is getting enough nutrition from the food it eats.
  • Training and regular collars to place the dog’s ID information including the owner’s contact number.
  • A wire crate with a sheepskin bottom or a rag for crate training and limited, proper confinement. The puppy must be able to stand up in the crate and move around as well as see out of it from all sides.
  • Sleeping area with beddings.
  • Teething soothers like frozen washcloths or ice cubes.
  • Fun, challenging, and safe toys. There are doggy educational toys, challenging toys that hide special treats and secrets, safe chews and toys that cannot be pulled apart easily. Dogs should have several toys and they should be challenged with playtime that includes your participation.