All Natural Dog Diet Tips and Advice

Dogs are directly descended from wolves. This means that they are natural predators and carnivores. Wolves in the wild eat their prey animals who, in turn, convert their food into meat which the wolves eat and then digest and use.

Most dog owners today believe that their dog has evolved to consume a diet which includes plant matter; But autopsy of dogs and wolves show that there has been no natural change in either animal’s digestive system which can be attributed to domestication.

Dogs are biologically programmed to eat meat. It is, therefore, best to allow your dog to stay as close to the diet he would naturally consume if allowed to run wild and hunt his own food.

A raw food dog diet has been shown to be best for dogs of all sizes and breeds. This is by far the most healthy dog diet that you can choose for your dog.

Commercial dog foods are full of all kinds of fillers, mostly grains which dogs are designed to be able to properly digest. Feeding your dog a diet of commercial dog food can lead it to develop all kinds of health problems.

A natural dog diet can be purchased from some organic dog food companies. Dogs which are fed diets made up primarily of plant matter produce softer, bulkier stools. This can lead them to develop certain types of colon cancers over time. Dogs who develop disease usually do so because of poor nutrition.

Poor nutrition in dogs leads to problems with their immune system, chronic diseases and the development of genetic disorders. Feeding a dog a diet made up solely of plant matter can lead it to become obese and cause it to develop diabetes. More and more veterinarians are seeing diabetes in dogs today caused by obesity. Although it is a treatable condition in most dogs, it is very expensive to treat and can lead to a dog’s early demise.

A healthy dog diet is one made up of raw meat only.

Your dog will take very quickly to consuming a natural dog diet mostly because it is the type of diet he is genetically programmed to eat.  You will probably not have to coax him to dig in the first time you serve it up in his bowl. He will be thrilled you have finally caught on to what he has been dying for all along.

Sometimes even the healthiest organic and raw food diet may not provide enough nutrition for your dog and your veterinarian may prescribe dog diet supplements for him to round out his nutritional needs. It is important to always follow your veterinarian’s recommendations for your dog’s diet as you do not want your dog to become malnourished.

A small dog diet is not so different from a standard breed except that it will probably require less food on a daily basis. Even a small dog can eat a raw meat diet and will thrive doing so. Many veterinarians believe that small dogs need to consume a raw meat diet even more than standard breeds because of the severe periodontal disease to which they are prone. Consuming a raw meat diet will help eliminate problems with their teeth.

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