Agreements Policies

Our General New Puppy Purchase Policy

Health Clearance

The puppy is in good health and free from any disease at time of sale as far as can be determined by the seller.

The puppy is to be taken within 3 days of purchase to the veterinary (at buyer’s expense). If the vet finds the puppy to be unsound, ill, or in poor condition, the buyer can return the puppy and get a full refund from the seller (the price of the puppy as posted on the agreement).

At no time seller has agreed to pay for any vet bills, puppy accessories or other costs incurred by the buyer, seller can only return full purchase price of the puppy within 3 days of purchase (starting on the date of the agreement).

The agreement is to be initialed and signed by both buyer and seller. Buyer will receive a copy of the agreement along with the vaccination schedule, and sample of puppy food.

Again this is the purchase general agreement between puppy buyer and San Diego Puppy seller. Terms and conditions of this policy are subject to change.

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