Addressing Dog Aggression

All canines including Maltipoo dogs are capable of aggression. Being a common dog behavior, there are several factors that contribute to this including anxiety, fear or phobia, lack of structure, lack of proper exposure to other dogs during the critical socialization period, early imprinting by an aggressive or nervous dam, traumatic experience, territorial behavior, thyroid malfunction or other medical conditions, abuse from owners, medical or physical ailments, breeding, and genetic predisposition. Pet owners need to remember that aggressive behavior can be managed through simple steps including:

  1. Avoiding what triggers aggression in dogs especially for those with anxiety problems. Pet owners must identify what causes aggressive behavior in their dog so that they can keep it away from them.
  2. Undergoing a treatment program with professional behaviorists. Not only can they help in training dogs but they can also help pet owners in coming up with concrete plans to address and fully alleviate this behavioral problem.
  3. Undergoing medication duly approved by a veterinarian. Some dogs that show aggression have medical problems that need to be addressed.
  4. Maltipoo breeders also believe in avoiding negative reinforcement since punishing dogs often backfires.

Preventive measures like muzzles that can help stop biting. Restraining dogs may not seem humane but in some cases, this is needed.