About Chihuahua

All About Chihuahua Puppies

Before people choose a Chihuahua puppy, there are many things they will want to consider. Chihuahua puppies make excellent pets, as they are extremely loyal, affectionate, playful and curious. They are also the smallest breed of dog, which makes them perfect for those persons who live in apartments or small homes.

Chihuahuas display immense devotion to their human companions, and they want nothing more than to make them happy. However, it is essential that prospective Chihuahua owners know how fragile these small canines are, and that they require unique attention that many other breeds do not.

When people are confronted with a for sale Chihuahua advertisement, they must first consider the puppy’s health. There are many things that people can do to make sure that the puppy is in excellent health. First of all, they should make sure that the puppy’s teeth are clean and that they do not have an overbite or inflamed gums, as this could mean serious health problems. The puppy’s fur and skin should be clean, and there should not be any dry flakes on the puppy’s body. People will also want to check the puppy for fleas, as these parasites can cause health problems, as well.

Prospective Chihuahua owners also need to be aware that there are no such things as teacup Chihuahuas. There are also no such things as miniature, toy or pocket Chihuahuas. The Chihuahua Club of America sets the standard for the breed and states that some breeders use these terms simply to attract buyers and sell their puppies. The average size of an adult Chihuahua is about three to five pounds; however, there are some that do weigh as much as ten pounds full grown.

People should never choose a Chihuahua puppy that seems extremely sleepy and withdrawn, as it could be an indication of hypoglycemia, which is a common problem in the breed. They should always choose a puppy that seems aware and playful, but not overly aggressive. Choose the one that wants to play, but does not necessarily want to play viciously.

People will also need to decide if they want a male or a female Chihuahua. While both sexes are loyal, intelligent and lovable, males tend to be a bit more possessive of their territory and humans than females are. This can be extremely useful for someone who wants to be alerted whenever strangers approach the home. No matter what sex people may choose, it is always a smart idea to get their pets spayed or neutered, as this will eliminate any aggressive behavior during mating seasons.

When people answer a for sale Chihuahua advertisement, they should always request to see at least the mother. This will give buyers a clear indication of what the puppy’s temperament and appearance may be as the puppy matures. When people can see one or both parents, it will also indicate how well the breeder cares for dogs and whether or not they are purebred.

In conclusion, Chihuahuas make excellent pets for anyone who wants a loyal and loving companion. They are much like babies, even when they are full-grown, and they will give their humans constant devotion all of their lives. It is essential to choose puppies carefully, however, to ensure that they are in excellent health. When people follow the above useful tips, they will surely pick the perfect companion that will give them a lifetime of happiness.